Simon Gullström

Driven by finding new perspectives to compose the unexpected, Simon uses his sharp pencil and discerning eye to portray the ordinary in a thought-provoking and inventive way. His curiosity for all layers and textures of the cinematic craft manifests itself on paper as much as it does behind the camera. For Simon, it’s all about capturing a feeling that allows the story to grow before the eyes of the audience. Simon is born in Stockholm, brought up in Spain, and educated in New York.

Kris Lüdi

Kris Lüdi is based in Zurich, Switzerland. His taste and aesthetic stems from his interest in unique compositions and refreshing ideas which can be seen in all of his work. His approach to film making is considered, contemporary and it's clearly obvious that he has spent the majority of his life behind the lens. Kris has an energy and enthusiasm towards all his projects and no matter the subject, he always works out a way to create something special.

Eugen Merher

Eugen was born in Moldova, raised in Germany and graduated at Filmakademie Baden Württemberg. He has a soft spot for human stories rooted in reality. Being nominated for the Young Directors Award in Cannes twice in a row, speaks for his attention to detail and beautiful storytelling.


Animals is David Bertschinger Karg and Tobias Bonfanti. They split their time between London and Zurich and direct as a duo to merge individual quality and taste.
Two complementary approaches combined together to create a finessed style for every visual project. Tobias' excitement for big and vibrant pictures and David's flair for subtle, fun and authentic content is highly visible in their work.

Samuel Morris

Samuel Morris is a young director from Basel, Switzerland. His steady quest for combining witty storytelling with stylistically elaborated visuals makes him the ultimate fit to the HILLTON family.
Not shying away from any bigger idea led him to the making of the two season series “Nr. 47”, winning him the Zurich Television Award in 2018.

Matthias Kappeler

Matthias Kappeler is a jack of all trades - from directing live action to creating post production visuals or teaching sonic interaction, he thrives from challenges in every field of complete filmmaking.
His potential in translating seemingly unspectacular things into lively, pulsing visuals and stories is exciting and motivating for everyone involved in his projects.

Janic Halioua

Standing in front of the camera for several Swiss feature film productions, Janic has learned his way around film sets at a very young age. That background has made him a natural in communication with his subjects and getting their full potential on screen. He's a creative problem solver, feels at home across many genres and turns any brief into a valuable piece of motion picture.

Lasse Linder

The young Swiss/Swedish film maker has a unique sense for people’s peculiarities and knows how to bring them to the screen in an honest and pure way. His work blurs the lines between documentary and fiction and often studies the lives of people who are trying to find their place in the world. His short film ALL CATS ARE GREY IN THE DARK has gotten worldwide attention including winning the European Film Award for Best Short Film.

Liricas Analas - Discosissis
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Simon by Simon - Showreel
Daimler Trucks - Crashtest Dummies
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Sunrise x Apple Music - Move
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Desert Dogs - Official Trailer
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Desillusion Magazine – A morphine daydream
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annabelle – Black
SJR - Creating Excellence
Arosa Lenzerheide
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NR. 47
Bausa x Bozza - Selfmade Babylon
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Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie
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Coturn - Spin
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These Kids Are Our Future – Funsepa
Nurit - Fuck them
Reebok – JJ Watt –  Hunt Greatness Part 1
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In Time. A Reflection on the End of our Youth.
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