Project Detour

Project Detour

A short film series

The short film series „projectDETOUR“ consists of three snowboard-themed short films, each set in a different environment: We’ve been hiking waist deep powder in the Alps, we high fived sheep farmers in Greece and we’ve burned some rubber in the state of California.

As a professional snowboarder starring in snowboard movies, everything people see are the A-grade action shots. But a lot of times it’s adventures you experience & the friends you make & the places you see which make a journey stick.

With a bit of a different approach than your regular snowboard movie, we tried to show exactly that and incite yourself to pack your bags and explore.



TOMPAUL - Gloves
Arosa Lenzerheide
Basement Saints - Faith – Card On Phone
Adidas – A to Z of Football
Who’s Panda – Quiet Man
These Kids Are Our Future – Funsepa
Grace – Patrick Seabase
Raiffeisen TWINT
Coke Zero – Say What?
Laskaar – Echo
annabelle – Black
Len Sander – Another Man
Hotelplan – Jeune & Sauvage
Lea Lu – Game Over
Project Detour
Sprüngli – Voyage
STF – Das sind wir – Mehr mit
Julian Zigerli – Point fingers and call names
Migros – Freude am Geschmack
Calanda – Nino Schurter
Schulthess – Viel einfacher
Desillusion Magazine – A morphine daydream
Liricas Analas - Discosissis
Blackball – Iouri Podladtchikov
Hotelplan – Travel Stories
Threema – Seriously secure messaging