“Snowciety” is an experimental documentary exploring the true self of the world-renowned Swiss winter resort St.Moritz.

a film by Kris Lüdi

Production: HILLTON
Producer: David Müller
Director: Kris Lüdi
DP: Daryl Hefti
AC: Roland Ogg
Editor: Bela Adami
Colorist: Yves Roy Vallaster
Graphic Design: Boris Stoll
Music Treatment: Alban Schelbert
SD & Sound Mix: Jingle Jungle

Special thanks: Ivo Flurin, Pascal Zimmermann, Andri Stoisser, Severin Niggli, Weli Torriani, Men Schmidt, Armando Guetg, Roman Lauer, Colin Schmid

Captured through the eyes of a local clique of snowboarders, the film goes beyond the known clichés of “Jetset” culture and weighs in on alternate lifestyles in a living environment where winter sport was founded and sophisticated traditions are well preserved.

Acquaintances on both the rebellious and the omnipresent luxurious side of village life gave director Kris Lüdi the understanding for the present dichotomy that is eventually translated into a visual juxtaposition underlined with self-reflected thoughts in the ancient local language Rumantsch.


Magnum - Limitless
Rivella - Home
Mammut - Insights
AXA - Know you can
On - Cyclon
On - The Roger Pro
On - Cloudboom
Louis Vuitton - FW21
Atupri - Nicola Spirig
On - Cloudultra
Ride Bindings - SVDM
Desert Dogs - Official Trailer
Hainan - More Life
Under Armour - The Only Way Is Through / Emilia Schüle
Rivella - Daheim
On - Mountain Hut Series
Pronto - Road to Volta (Promo)
Sprite - Stay Fresh
Sunrise x Apple Music - Move
On - Cloudswift
Adidas - Challenge
On  - Speedboard
Mammut - Climbax
TOMPAUL - Gloves
Bataleon - The Surfer
Arosa Lenzerheide
Basement Saints - Faith – Card On Phone
Adidas – A to Z of Football
Who’s Panda – Quiet Man
These Kids Are Our Future – Funsepa
Grace – Patrick Seabase
Raiffeisen TWINT
Coke Zero – Say What?
Laskaar – Echo
annabelle – Black
Len Sander – Another Man
Hotelplan – Jeune & Sauvage
Lea Lu – Game Over
Project Detour – Mehr mit
Julian Zigerli – Point fingers and call names
Liricas Analas - Discosissis
Blackball – Iouri Podladtchikov
Threema – Seriously secure messaging