Hainan - More Life

Hainan - More Life

Lascivious and bored, we stare into our smartphones and our smartphones stare back. We are both knowingly and unknowingly producing a digital representation of ourselves; this labor has become occupational therapy. We watch, we show, we read and get read, we produce images and yet become transparent in the process.

Shot entirely on a smartphone

Director: Kris Lüdi
DOP: Matthias Kappeler

Production: HILLTON

Concept: Kris Lüdi & Matthias Kappeler
VFX / 3D: Matthias Kappeler
Editor: Kris Lüdi

Thanks to: Ana, Liv, Jannis, June, Sina, Pascal

Matthias Kappeler


Matthias Kappeler is a jack of all trades - from directing live action to creating post production visuals or teaching sonic interaction, he thrives from challenges in every field of complete filmmaking.
His potential in translating seemingly unspectacular things into lively, pulsing visuals and stories is exciting and motivating for everyone involved in his projects.