be right back - Trailer

be right back - Trailer

be right back (brb) is a travelling film installation by Fabio de Frel.

Why are we all feeling so overwhelmed? What does it mean to search for ourselves in the digital age? How are our screens affecting our self-image? After returning from a big trip with more questions than answers, director Fabio de Frel took an interest in how we give our identities shape in these technological times. As we scroll, seeking constant gratification and distraction, are we getting any closer to who we really are? In his debut film installation ‘be right back (brb)’, Fabio explores the impact of our online behaviour on our sense of self. With a focus on the younger generation’s lived experience, the project delves into the search for identity in a world where we put our lives on display.

Fabio de Frel


The self-taught filmmaker Fabio de Frel approaches film from a psychological and anthropological perspective. In his work, Fabio shows his observations by creating scenes which originate as a photo. His strong visual language is defined by carefully composed shots, meticulous to casting and a hint of comedy. His close relationship with music makes him very hands on in tailoring his films to the right tone.